The company carries out all contracting works for residential real estate, private companies and the business sector, government agencies, building schools and hospitals, commercial centers in addition to villas and palaces.

The company relies in implementing projects on the best engineers and specialists in the field of construction with a team of consultants in the engineering and architectural fields to ensure the project is delivered with the highest quality and the least possible time.

Our construction services

  • Structural design: Designing the structural elements of buildings, studying the nature of the soil and determining the ideal materials used.
  • Building Construction: Building modern and distinctive homes under the supervision of a team of experts, engineers, technicians and trained workers.
  • Road Construction: Create tight and accurate plans to start building highways, main roads, intersection roads, and local roads.

Reasons for the success of Pro Builders projects

  • A team of experts, engineers, consultants, and technicians with experience to deliver projects on time and with high efficiency.
  • Ensuring the implementation of best practices for all aspects of health and safety, in addition to building  techniques.
  • Relying on the best modern technological means used in the field of construction in order to improve productivity and save time and effort.

Construction management

ProBuilders manages projects with high efficiency and accuracy while ensuring the selection of good labor through agreement.

The agreement done with many contractors who have experience that qualifies them to do that task, in addition to have a history of safety performance, excellence in implementation and commercial success.

The implementation of ProBuilders projects goes through many stages, and these stages are as follows: Creating initial project plans, planning for purchasing lists, structure designs and other factors that help to improve performance and solve the problems in the early stages of the project.