Firefighting system

Pro Builders offers many firefighting systems such as wet systems, dry systems in addition to gas systems. Pro Builders provides a protection and safety system to its customers to meet their needs, in accordance with international safety standards in order to maintain the safety of buildings.
We install fire alarm systems for factories and buildings for public safety and We also do the periodic maintenance of fire alarm systems because our biggest goal is our customers' satisfaction and safety.

Types of alarm systems from Pro Builders

  • Early warning systems against fire.
  • Emergency management systems of all kinds.
  • Systems with sensors for smoke alarm.

Firefighting Systems

There are two types of Firefighting systems, which are manual and automatic Firefighting system.
manual Firefighting: 

- Done through fire extinguishers located in many places (pressurized water extinguisher - foam extinguisher - dry powder extinguisher) or through fire extinguishing boxes that are easy for people to deal with after simple training and it is one of the easiest ways to extinguish the fire.

Automatic Firefighting System

There are many different types of automatic firefighting, and these types are as follows:

  • Extinguish the fire with water: This method is considered one of the simplest methods used in extinguishing fires due to its ease and low financial cost compared to other methods.
  • Extinguishing the fire with carbon dioxide gas: This method is suitable for the fire resulting from a short circuit and the presence of electrical devices that can be damaged when using the fire extinguishing with water.But extinguishing the fire with carbon dioxide gas is harmful to human health. So be careful that there are no people in the place of the fire.
  • Extinguishing the fire using foam gas: This method is used in the case of chemicals, because it does not react with it compared to other gases that may cause fatal disasters.